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Running a business or managing a property successfully starts by having the right partners. At Elite Pest Management, we are your full-service Mt Clemens commercial pest control company. With over 20 years of local experience, licensed and certified technicians, and full-service expertise to handle a wide range of pests, we can protect your business and ensure your patrons and employees are always comfortable. While we address existing infestations, we can also work to create a routine maintenance and spray plan to keep pests away for good.

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Signs You Have Pest Issues

You never want a customer or tenant to be surprised by a rodent or beehive, which is why paying attention to warning signs, is always essential. More often than not, there are a few indicators that pests could be around, including:

  • Droppings: Mice and other rodents are notorious for leaving droppings. While it’s unsightly, it can be the clearest indication that there’s an infestation, and often leads you to the source or at least the area they’re damaging.
  • Nests: Old beehives and wasp nests can help you identify what bugs are nesting on your property. Rodents also tend to create nests with things like shredded paper or fabrics, which are abundant in offices.
  • Property Damage: Holes, gnaw marks, sawdust, and event frayed electrical wiring could all be warning signs that pests are making a home on your property.
  • Dead Bugs: Whether it's a complete body or wings, finding dead bugs is never good. These insects can easily travel in large groups, with a few stragglers dying along the way.

Elite Pest Management worker spraying down the side of a building with 'Safe Solutions' photoshopped on top

Types of Properties We Work With

At Elite Pest Management, our commercial pest control service in Mt Clemens can help a wide range of business and industrial properties.

We specialize in pest control service for:

  • Office buildings: You want your employees to feel safe and comfortable, but they also bring out many items that pest love. Whether its food scraps or office supplies, it can be a breeding ground for mice and ants.
  • Condo associations: Creating a plan for your condominium and complex is vital for limiting property damage and ensuring tenant comfort. We can routinely spray properties and set traps for all larger pests.
  • Industrial buildings: Spiders are a common problem for commercial properties with high ceilings and tons of nooks and crannies.
  • Warehouses: Whether you're storing food or other merchandising, allowing pests to take over can lead to expensive losses.
  • Restaurants & Bars: Nothing is more off putting for customers than seeing a cockroach near their food or drinks, which is why we happily offer routine services to protect your space from a wide variety of insects.
  • Apartment buildings: From individual units to the entire building, our team can thoroughly and systematically inspect your property and rid it of pests, even larger pests like rodents and hard-to-eradicate pests like bed bugs.
  • Self-Storage buildings: Because of the nooks and crannies that come with self-storage buildings, it makes these properties ideal for reclusive pests like spiders. Keep yourself, your employees, your customers, and their belongings safe through our diligent pest control services.
  • Convenience Stores & Gas Stations: Pests love food scraps, making trashcans near your store or station a potential breeding ground. Don’t let your property suffer from these infestations. Contact our commercial pest control professionals to get the quality control services you need.

Your Industrial Pest Experts

At Elite Pest Management, we care about all our customers and do our best to make things right. Our technicians not only have Integrated Pest Management (IPM) certification, but they also specialize in various licensing to ensure our Mt Clemens pest control service is at the highest standard possible.

Elite Pest Management is your dependable commercial pest control company. Call us at (586) 250-0302 to schedule urgent service and ongoing plans!


Trusted for a Reason
  • Extended Licensing & Experience for Each of Our IPM Certified Applicators
  • Full Range of Services - Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Serving Homes & Businesses in Our Community for 20 Years
  • Local Family-Owned Business Focused on Customer Service & Care

We Come Highly Rated

    I am so thankful I called the right place to deal with this nightmare!

    “I am so thankful I called the right place to deal with this nightmare!”

    - Jacqlyn Daisy
    They've always been professional, considerate, and dependable.

    “They've always been professional, considerate, and dependable.”

    - Richard Smith
    I cannot thank him enough for helping me protect my home and family.

    “I cannot thank him enough for helping me protect my home and family.”

    - Matthew M.
    My tenant was extremely grateful and it was all very reasonable in cost.

    “My tenant was extremely grateful and it was all very reasonable in cost.”

    - Mister De Stoto
    This company effectively deterred the wild geese from our building lawns!

    “This company effectively deterred the wild geese from our building lawns!”

    - Barbara Potter

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