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Spiders can be one of the scariest pests to stumble across in any home or business. While the vast majority of spiders are harmless to humans, they can still cause problems if they are allowed to get out of control. With at least one species of venomous spider here in Michigan, contacting a pest management company for guidance and assistance is the best way to make sure that every building stays safe and spider-free. At Elite Pest Management, we are your Mt Clemens spider control experts.

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Signs of a Spider Infestation

One major issue with spider infestations is that they aren't always an obvious problem. That can make identifying signs of potential spider issues difficult until they have gotten out of hand.

There are still some signals to look for, including:

  • Spider webs: The number one sign to look for is an abundance of spider webs around the home or business. While the spiders themselves may not always be visible, you may be dealing with a spider infestation if you see an increase in webs. To be sure, remove a web and watch how long it takes for it to return. If it reappears in that area within a day or two, you'll likely need professional pest management help.
  • Egg sacs: Another significant sign of a spider infestation are egg sacs around the building. A single egg sac has the potential to hold more than 100 eggs, so the likelihood of infestation if you find more than one is substantial. A spider egg sac looks like a small cotton ball, and they are commonly found either in the web itself or under tables, cabinets, and other stationary objects. Some spiders may carry their egg sacs on their backs as well. Most egg sacs hatch in 2 - 3 weeks, so acting quickly is essential.
  • Other flying insects: If you notice an excess of flying insects like moths, flies, mosquitoes, etc. around your property, then you should be prepared for an influx of spiders. These are a great source of food for arachnids, which is why one insect infestation so often leads to more. Keep an eye out around light fixtures – this is where spiders often set up their webs, since so many other types of insects are drawn there in the first place.

The Spider Removal Process

If you suspect a spider infestation in your building, it is crucial to call us right away. To start with, our spider removal team will assess the building to verify what type of spiders may be present. In many cases, if the spiders are harmless and an infestation is not present, no services may be needed. However, the only way to know that for sure is by having the building evaluated.

If spiders are present or an infestation is out of control, removal is likely necessary. This is done by spot treatment and application of appropriate pesticides throughout the home. Egg sac and spider web removal will also need to be performed to take care of the full spider life cycle. External treatment of the building may also be warranted.

After the spiders are removed, it's important to follow up with prevention techniques. When it comes to spiders, this generally involves finding out where they may be getting in at. Once potential sources are identified, we can treat the area. Ensuring that there are appropriate seals around all the doors and windows can also stop them from getting back in.

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Elite Pest Management is "Pest Control for the 21st Century." We are a local, family-owned business that has been serving Mt. Clemens and the surrounding community for more than 20 years. Our team cares about all of our residential, commercial, and industrial clients, and we offer full-service spider removal.

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    I am so thankful I called the right place to deal with this nightmare!

    “I am so thankful I called the right place to deal with this nightmare!”

    - Jacqlyn Daisy
    They've always been professional, considerate, and dependable.

    “They've always been professional, considerate, and dependable.”

    - Richard Smith
    I cannot thank him enough for helping me protect my home and family.

    “I cannot thank him enough for helping me protect my home and family.”

    - Matthew M.
    My tenant was extremely grateful and it was all very reasonable in cost.

    “My tenant was extremely grateful and it was all very reasonable in cost.”

    - Mister De Stoto
    This company effectively deterred the wild geese from our building lawns!

    “This company effectively deterred the wild geese from our building lawns!”

    - Barbara Potter

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